Remotey© uses your phone to make anything interactive.

Remember that movie with Will Smith? You know the one we’re talking about? Where he could control the world with his remote control. Yeah, we didn’t watch it either, but you know the one we’re talking about right?


Well, we’ve created something very similar to this remote control. 

Remotey© is a web based application that allows us as creators to make anything interactive, which as you can imagine, is pretty mind blowing. First of all, the fact that people don’t need to download an app to interact is a game changer. Simply being browser based means it removes the biggest barrier to entry in these types of experiences. Secondly it opens up the huge potential for user personalisation, and as we know, this is key in creating deeper emotional connections with customers. 

Another fantastic use of Remotey© came about during the Covid 19 restrictions. As many in the industry scrambled to acquire non-touch alternatives for their existing touchscreens, we turned our attention to the screens people already had in their pockets, and how we could integrate those into the experience. 


It was this kind of lateral thinking that Samsung was looking for when we were approached to innovate their Best Buy – OLED display units. Traditionally their displays were only controllable via the store manager or small touch panels. Here we saw an opportunity to let the customers select and compare the products that they were interested in. The solution lay in a simple QR code/URL and a Samsung Remotey© website.

The very moment users enter the Samsung Remotey© website they have complete control over the display unit. Users can compare the actual features that benefit them in real time simply by using their mobile phone as a controller. Once users personalise their comparison they can save the details directly to their phone for later. Alternatively they can call an assistant to the Samsung section all without touching anything other than their personal device.