Make a big impact.

Branded projection mapping is one of the most popular ways to make a big impact in the most unusual places. Mapping projections to the natural environment allows us to mix the viewers reality and bend the world right in front of their eyes. 

Our award winning team has created branded projection mapping projects for all types of industries over the last 10 years. With each project they apply the same principles whether it’s a large scale theatrical building projection or a small scale indoor installment. Our art department is trained in colour grading specifically for projection and our motion designers understand the craft of mapping animations to enhance any location.  


In the last few years we have also introduced interactivity to our projection mapping and the results have been outstanding. Using our proprietary web based controller, Remotey©, we allow users to interact and control any projection. This feature opens branded projections up to even more uses like real-time gaming, user customisation and personalisation.


The interaction using Remotey© for large scale installations doesn’t end with projections. We have also used Remotey© to allow people to control large scale light installations and share their designs directly to social media. A great example of this is the City Of Greater Geelong Interactive Christmas Tree in 2002/2021.

Other interesting uses for projection mapping is how we use it as a utility. For example we have an interactive installation set up in the main showroom at Tomassi & Co, a South Melbourne based real estate agency. Using projection mapping we gave Tomassi & Co the ability to transform their showroom’s benchtops, fittings and cabinetry with a tap of a button. This feature allows them to showcase different materials, colour combinations and layouts without touching the physical environment. As you can imagine, this is a pretty powerful and effective sales tool in showcasing real estate that is yet to be built.

Projections and projection mapping is another technology that is continually evolving and innovating. Our production and development team work closely with our creative teams to ensure that we maximise the potential of any project.

If you have a space or an idea that you think would be elevated by projections please let us know. We’d love to have a chat about how we can make your project shine.