Activations make customers ‘do’ something – And we want that something to be exciting.

At Watch This Space we create opportunities for you to connect with your customers and nourish your relationship with them. Strong bonds are what create long lasting relationships and that’s one thing every successful brand has in common. 

This process of building awareness and creating meaningful moments is essential for every brand. Our creative team have designed activations for all types of activations, events and pop-up experiences in every corner of the globe. 

As our name suggests, we believe in creating something exciting. 

Our specialty when it comes to activations is our focus on interactive experiences and creating authentic moments that customers want to talk about. Experiences that touch people on an emotional level and connect brands to a feeling, a message or a clear call to action.

We also believe in extending our activations wherever we can. We do this by making the experience instantly shareable on social media or by always supplying “must-snap” Instagram-able opportunities.

We pride ourselves on finding the right technology for the right experience. On every project our in-house creative technologist works closely with our design teams and developers to ensure every activation is using the best suited technology. This ensures we deliver the most seamless experience for customers and our clients.

Our activations tend to use a mix of innovative technologies but we never let the technology take over the creative idea. We believe people should walk away from an experience with a feeling, a clear call-to-action, or with a change in perception or behaviour. If they are walking away only talking about the technology, then we haven’t done our job. 

With over 20 years experience creating interactive activations, we understand scale, scope and most importantly, ROI. We have created interactive experiences for every type of brand, from automotive to pharmacy, and everything in between. We have created countless one-off interactions and many global roadshows. It’s not that we have a formula, but we know what it takes to make an interactive idea work.

Every brief is different and there are always many ways to approach designing an activation. Contact us today about how we can help create something exciting for your customers.