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What we did:

Macquarie Bank MotoMe is a brave new approach to car sales finance. The idea is to remove the typical sales cliches and move the buying experience from the car lot to the retail space. With this in mind we designed a one of a kind in-store experience. Over several areas we created a narrative to help draw shoppers deeper into the store and the buying experience. Starting with the eye catching interactive Converge display, people are drawn in store with a hands-on tactile experience. From here a video wall helps them curate their personalised car shortlist. Once comfortable, the shopper is invited to join one of the sales team at an interactive table where they can seamlessly go through their car shortlist and compare options with ease.

Why it worked:

Buying a new car in a shopping centre is a pretty big departure from the traditional method. That’s why we used a different stop and engage approach than we would in a typical showroom. Instead we drew on our extensive retail knowledge and used tactile interactive experiences to draw casual shoppers in store. Because of this retail based approach we are able to create many more strong purchase leads than simply employing the same experiences we do in our showroom experiences.

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