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WTS agency have revolutionised the process of localising your brand’s assets. Read on to learn more or talk to us today to find out how we can help you.

You wouldn’t go IBM for your photocopying

Ad agencies are great at being your brand’s gatekeeper. Their work is of the highest standard but unfortunately, this results in high fees that erode your marketing budget.

Before you know it you’re paying $800 p/h for changing a °F symbol to a °C on a single ad.

Ad agencies are built for bigger things
– You wouldn’t go IBM for your photocopying.

Offshore agencies on the other hand are much more cost effective but often don’t live up to their promise.

So, which do you choose?

Ad Agencies

High quality but expensive and slow.

Advertising agencies charge unjustifiably high rates for localising brand assets and the process is often long and tedious.

Offshore Agencies

Fast and cheap but poorer design quality.

Cheap offshore agencies have the capabilities but need a lot of hand-holding making turn-around times longer and eroding cost effectiveness.

We have a smarter option

This is how we do it

We remove the painful processes and unnecessary fees associated with advertising agencies while delivering the same quality of work.

We have highly experienced designers that are in direct contact with our clients making briefing and changes quick and efficient.

The Traditional Ad Agency Workflow

Where a job touches many hands.

Costing up to $800 p/h for a simple design job.

Costing up to $800 p/h for a simple design job.

Our Workflow

A short, streamlined approach.

Saving up to 70% on a traditional advertising model.

Saving up to 70% on a traditional advertising model.

Same same, but different

We are made up of ex-agency professionals spanning from all departments which makes our service and design output on par with that of advertising agencies.

We have designers and animators of all levels and capabilities, meaning our Resource Specialist plugs you in to the right resource, everytime.

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