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Kelly Tarltons - Turtle Rescue Centre

What we did:

Working with Merlin Sea Life and Kelly Tarltons, we created an interactive turtle rehabilitation experience. The aim of the experience was to educate kids about Kelly Tarltons real-life turtle rescue programme in a fun and engaging way.

We did this by creating 4 interactive stories across six different interactive stations. Mixing physical and digital, we designed a goal centric installation which took kids (and adults) through a typical turtle rescue.

Why it worked:

The experience was a success because it took kids on a deeply engaging story. The chaptering, or staging of the story, insured that we held their attention for longer. This approach also allowed us to engage kids in a deeper storytelling experience and mixing physical play with digital added a fun problem solving aspect which is often missed when creating interactive installations. The immersive experience is by far the most popular activities in the Sea Life centre, with an average of 550 virtual turtles being rescued each day.

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