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Music Experience

What we did:

In the world of pop music there are few accolades as coveted as an MTV Music award. So when Madame Tussaud’s Sydney asked us to create this experience we knew it had to be something really special. 

First we created an interactive recording booth where visitors could record a version of their favorite song. As they performed the song in the comfort of their own recording booth we captured the experience and made it instantly shareable when they came out.

The second part of the experience was receiving the MTV Award. Entering stage left, users approached the podium in a shower of lights and screaming fans. As they start their acceptance speech the crowd quietens and they are flooded with a warm spotlight. Using a hidden auto-prompter for guidance, winners thanked their fans, management and mums. To end the experience the crowd went wild again and the paparazzi kept snapping till the winner left the stage.

Why it worked:

Madame Tussaud’s is an incredibly busy space, often seeing thousands of people pass through each day. So to be successful not only did the experiences need to be outstanding, but they needed to be simple to use with a very small learning curve for the user.

To use the recording booth experience users simply scanned their wristband. From here all they had to do was follow the prompts on screen and sing along with their chosen song. As soon as the experience was finished their video was ready to be shared to their socials.

Again the Award experience worked so well because it delivered a hugely engaging and immersive experience with a very small learning curve. At each stage in the experience users were guided where to look using directional lighting and audio cues. 

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