Experiential advertising is the ultimate COVID-proof marketing technique.

It’s the only medium that is capable of turning social distancing on its head and making it work to our advantage.  Here are some technologies and experiences we believe will be pivotal in building the new retail landscape for customers.

We are not reinventing the wheel - simply repurposing it.

In the coming months we see creative social distancing as a key tool in building engaging experiences. Motion tracking technology is perfect for automated crowd control, gamification of social distancing and as an innovative measure in customer behavior adjustment.

With 80% of consumers believing public touchscreens are unhygienic we are about to see a big change in the way consumers interact. We first used hand gesture technology as a virtual ring try on experience and users had a very positive reaction. The technology has come a long way since then and can now be used to completely replace touchscreens. Check out our case study here.

We all carry a personalised touchscreen around with us, but did you know you can control any number of things directly from your phone’s browser? Using this technology we have created many experiential activations like interactive games controlled with your phone, or allowing customers to add personal messages to window displays.

We as humans love hearing we are doing something right.  If you need people to stand somewhere then make it fun, make it a game, or give them an experience as a way of saying thanks. Using simple sound or visual cues we can give people that warm and fuzzy feeling by simply following social distancing rules. This type of positive customer experience will set innovative brands apart from their competitors. 

Facial detection is used in a myriad of things, from data analytics to cheeky augmented reality filters. But your face is actually a lot more useful than just wearing puppy-dog ears. Using facial recognition shoppers can control screens, input choices or even leave a review by how much they smile.

We are going to have strict limits on the amount of people allowed in stores at a given time. This means customers will either be forced to wait outside or worse, they’ll turn and take their dollars to a competitor. Let’s give shoppers a reason to engage with your brand. In place of creating frustration we have the opportunity to create an emotional experience worth visiting.

Innovate. Adapt. Succeed.

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