A Retail Survival Guide For A COVID Christmas

Making the most of a COVID Christmas

Christmas 2020 isn’t going to be like other years. Social distancing, restricted crowd numbers and concerns around safety are going to dominate how brands and stores interact with customers. But it’s not all doom and gloom. We’ve put together some top-line ideas to demonstrate how a little creative thinking mixed with a bit of innovation can ensure Christmas 2020 is one to remember for all the right reasons.

A Retail Survival Guide For A COVID Christmas

Social Distance Santa

When it comes to social distancing, the big man is no different to the rest of us. So how do we flip the restrictions to ensure we’re delivering those magic retail moments. We believe the answer lies in experience design and working with innovative technology. Virtual reality and augmented reality are the two leading fields in this regard and with a bit of original thinking, have the power to deliver a Christmas experience people will remember for years to come.

A Retail Survival Guide For A COVID Christmas

People Count at Christmas

Safety is our number one priority and experience design goes a long way in helping us safely spread the Christmas cheer. Historically we’ve used customer tracking technology to analyse users and understand their buyer behaviour. But the same technology can easily be used to keep track of the number of people in one area. Efficient use of this technology means we can maximise your space usability while cutting the need for extra head counting staff.

A Retail Survival Guide For A COVID Christmas

At Home High Street

Which high street creature comforts will we miss most when Christmas 2020 rolls around? Using innovative technology and a dash of creative thinking we can bring some of that absent high street joy into people’s homes. For example many shoppers travel to the CBD specifically for the iconic window displays. But in a time of restrictions many of these customers would miss out on their annual brand experience. Using interactive technology and mixed reality we have the power to still deliver the warm and fuzzies – but from the safety of living room couches.

A Retail Survival Guide For A COVID Christmas

Hands Free Holidays

Shoppers are touch adverse at the moment. In fact 80% of consumers believe public touchscreens are unhygienic and that’s not going to change before Christmas. With some forward thinking we can design experiences that actually make customer safety your competitive edge. Stores and brands that are seen to be innovating shopper hygiene will be seen as industry leaders and stand to be rewarded for their leadership.

A Retail Survival Guide For A COVID Christmas

Reimagine Christmas Windows

We are going to have strict limits on the amount of people allowed in stores at a given time and this gives us a great opportunity to stand out from competitors. In place of creating frustration we can create an emotional experience that people will want to visit and share. And the possibilities don’t end there. Using touch free technology we also have the ability to transform window displays into functional store fronts and could bring a whole new dimension to window shopping.

Lead By Example

In life there are those that lead and those that follow. Christmas 2020 will reward those that lead because there has never been a more pressing need for innovation. A competitive edge that puts safety first is a win-win for everyone. 31 August 2020

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