12 (Last Minute) Ideas For Christmas

With Melbourne back open and Christmas only a few weeks away, it’s not too late to create something magical for your customers.

Here are our top 12 quick-turn-around ideas for Christmas 2020. If you see something you like, let us know and we can start making your Christmas wishes come true today.

12 (Last Minute) Ideas For Christmas

Floor Keyboard

Loved by big kids and small, floor keyboards are as much a hit now as they were in the 80s. Using the latest technology we can easily install a keyboard almost anywhere. And because people are not using their hands it’s a great COVID save option. Enquire Now >

Projection Mapping

Add colour and excitement to almost any surface or wall with projection mapping. Turn anything from store fronts to shopping aisles into interactive Christmas wonderlands. Enquire Now >

12 (Last Minute) Ideas For Christmas

Gesture Control Interactive

With COVID 19 ever present in people’s minds, shoppers have never been so sensitive about touching something to interact. With this in mind we have a number of activations based on gesture in order to deliver exceptional experiences while keeping COVID safe. Enquire Now >

Santa Sleigh Simulator

Have you ever wanted to fly with Santa? This year we can make the dream come true. Simply spread your arms to control the interactive screen. As you fly you help Santa collect presents and other fun characters along the way. Enquire Now >

12 (Last Minute) Ideas For Christmas

Haptic Sound

Haptic sound uses vibrations to turn any surface into a speaker. Simple to install, the Haptic Sound units are great for grabbing attention and turning your street facing window into a speaker. Enquire Now >

Remotey ™

Our Remotey ™ system let’s shoppers interact and control any screen, projection or installation by simply visiting a website. Remotey ™ is particularly great at turning traditional window displays into must-visit interactive locations. Enquire Now >

12 (Last Minute) Ideas For Christmas

Augmented Reality Photo Booth

A lot has changed during COVID 19, but people’s love of photo booths have not. Available in touch and non-touch (gesture), the quick and easy to install AR photo booths are a fantastic way to add some fun Christmas cheer while creating engaging social content. Enquire Now >

Present Catcher Game

A fun and energetic activation where shoppers catch falling augmented reality presents on a screen or projection. This hands free game is the perfect high-energy COVID safe activation. Enquire Now >

12 (Last Minute) Ideas For Christmas

Santa Video Message Booths

Help Santa out and send him a video message instead of a written letter. To use the message booth, kids (and adults) step in front of the interactive screen and follow the prompts. At the end of the experience the video is emailed to Santa and a digital gift is sent to the child. Enquire Now >

Naught-or-Nice Machine

Our naughty-or-nice machine installation uses augmented reality and photo filters to sort people into Santa’s naught-or-nice list. Available in touch and non-touch options. Enquire Now >

12 (Last Minute) Ideas For Christmas


Holograms create eye-catching excitement on a shoestring budget. Bright and vibrant, the optical illusion is a great store front solution both day and night. Enquire Now >

Mobile Treasure Hunt

If you want your customers to visit more than one location why not give them a fun incentive. Mobile treasure hunts use augmented reality to create catchable incentives for shoppers to hunt down and collect. Enquire Now >

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