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Unwrap Christmas

What we did:

Bringing the Christmas spirit to life while delivering brand awareness in a unique way. The Unwrap Christmas campaign brought the excitement of unwrapping a present to St George branch windows. A digital wall of wrapping paper allowed the public to move their hands across the glass to ‘tear’ through the paper. Once the present was unwrapped, staff members appeared presenting surfboards, cameras, bikes and other gifts to delighted people. The entire event was filmed and made into a viral facebook campaign which in turn got over 530k views on Facebook.

Why it worked:

St George Bank is known for its remarkable service, innovative products and above all else, its specialist financial consultation. So what better way to celebrate Christmas than giving their customers a well deserved present during one of the most financially stressful times of the year. The award-winning activation delivered on many levels. First it delivered a real and meaningful experience to St George customers. Secondly, because it put digital technology at the centre of the experience, it showcased St George as a leader in the innovative banking space.

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