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VAMFF - Future Classic

What we did:

To explain why this event is brilliant we first have to talk about some pretty negative stuff. You see, the fashion industry is a disaster zone when it comes to air pollution, water pollution and its obscene amounts of waste and then there’s the human and animal exploitation. As soon as you scratch the surface it gets pretty depressing, pretty fast.

So with that said, how do you reframe the conversation to be positive, empowering and informative to the point of being behaviour changing? 

Working closely with A.BCH, Watch This Space created a simple solution to a complex problem. We fused fashion, visual arts and creative technologies to transform the garment life cycle concept into a tangible interactive experience.

Why it worked:

The principal employed at the event was to disrupt, educate and convert attendees to A.BCH’s innovative approach.

Disrupt: Seems obvious, but we got rid of the runway and created a fashion show centered around the interactive installation.

Educate: Show, don’t tell. Once in place, the models removed their garments and theatrically placed them within the interactive installation where now it was up to attendees to get hands on and explore.

Convert: Knowledge is power. Or rather, knowledge is empowering. At the end of each garment life cycle users could “shop the look” and actively start engaging with (or in this case, buying) sustainable fashion embodied with an ethical life story.

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