Virtual reality and augmented reality allow you to experience and interact with the world from your lounge

We’ve all been spending a lot of time in our lounge rooms lately and this got us thinking about this fun exploration game we created for Samsonite. The game was easy to play. All you had to do is explore the world’s most famous landmarks using your phone and a pair of cardboard Google Goggles. The player that found the most hidden items won. Pretty simple. And how nice is it to explore the world while you’re stuck at home.

Experience the world with augmented reality and virtual reality

The possibilities for customer experience are endless with virtual reality and augmented reality. We have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more of it as the industry looks for innovative experiential experiences to reconnect with shoppers post-covid 19.

With virtual reality and augmented reality, the world is your interactive candy store

Using the latest virtual reality technology to immerse the customer in a virtual candy store, this app showcased the cutting-edge capabilities of SAP Hybris’ in-store customer engagement and analytics. The app not only transported users to a virtual reality candy playground, but it demonstrated in real-time how people can connect and meet in a virtual reality space.